Flotation Machine Can Separate Potassium and Soda Feldspar

Flotation machine is mainly used for separating copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, sand washing machine south africa which can also be used for the rough and fine separation of ferrous metals and non-metallic metals. Flotation process is suitable for treatment of fine and ultra fine grain material. With the other processing methods, it is difficult for the recovery of fine mineral particles smaller than 10μm, it can also be treated with flotation method. Some special treatment of flotation technology has lower recyclable size limit e, mobile crusher benefits and advantaged ultra-fine flotation and ion flotation technology can recover a variety of material molecules or ions in colloidal particle state.
Another important application of flotation machine is to reduce the ash content in coal and fine coal from the removal of fine grained pyrite. Each year around the world there are billion tons of materials and ores processed by flotation processing. The daily processing of large concentrator ore is one hundred thousand tons. The production index and the efficiency of flotation equipment were higher, selecting sulphide ore recovery rate is more than 90%, mobile equipments in beneficiation plant the grade of concentrate grade can be close to the theory of pure minerals. With the flotation processing of multi metal from ore paragenetic minerals, such as copper, lead and zinc polymetallic ore deposit can be isolated from copper, lead, zinc and other kinds of pyrite concentrate, and it can get very high selection index. Flotation is suitable for the treatment of fine and ultra fine grain material, with the other processing methods, the recovery of fine mineral particles is smaller than 10 μm, which can also be treated with flotation method.

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