Do You Know the Maintenance of Flotation Cells?

Flotation machine, also known as flotation cell, flotation-cell, is mineral processing equipment relying on buoyancy force, is also one of the most important ore flotation equipment in the flotation separation process. Especially, flotation separator is used most in the separation of non-metallic minerals.

The flotation separation process of flotation concentrator: first, feed the pulp into the flotation plant, add medicament fully stir. When mixing, use air to make the particles attaching themselves to air bubbles. Bubble floating on the surface is scraped out, so as to achieve the objective of separating particles and impurities.

Flotation cell can be used for separating copper, zinc, lead, gold and other non-ferrous metals, and may also be used for separating of ferrous metals and nonmetals.

The Maintenance of Flotation cells:

1. The working capacity and lifespan of flotation machine is depending on the maintenance and the promise on the ordinary operation of the inner part pieces, and all of the inspection should be finished every three or four month, and the new flotation machine should be examined more frequently at the first beginning of the usage.

2. Only those people who are much more familiar to the flotation machine can have the ability to inspect them.

3. To shorten the stoppage time in order to timely replace the fragile part pieces of it is depending on the whole set of the machine stored in warehouse. And to accurately set on the using date and storing capacity is the basic condition according to the practical situation of it.

4. To guarantee the training on the operator is one direct element to promise the smooth operation of the machine.

5. In order to avoid dirt and useless objects mixed with oil, oiling should filter When flotation machine work, the oil cap should be sealed.

6. Drive, starts only after the inspection process from top to bottom.

7. Car sequence: Press on the gate to switch, press the start button....