Theology II
Unit 3 Project
Option 1
“A Job
Portfolio for the
Cover Letter
November 19, 2011
Dear Prospective Employer a.k.a. God:
Hello! My name is BLANK. You already know me, but I know you are a very busy God, so I will give you a refresher as to who I am. I am an official high ranking celebrity/messiah consultant. I am writing to you to inform you why Jesus of Nazareth is not only the best choice but the only true choice to deliver your message on Earth to the people and die for their sins.
Jesus is a very nice man. For example, one time there was this wedding in Cana. The party was only about halfway through when the parents ran out of wine! They’re done for, right? Wrong! Jesus came to the rescue and made them two new huge jugs of wine out of nothing but water and Your grace. He’s such a nice guy isn’t he?
That story alone would move me enough to go ahead and hire Jesus to be the Messiah right now. But if my word isn’t good enough, on the back of this paper and on both sides of the next paper are letters and stories from very wise and trusted people who are near and dear to Jesus. I hope you enjoy the stories and use them to in the end, make the correct decision to hire Jesus to be the Messiah.
RANDOM NAME                        

Reference Letter #1
November 19, 33 A.D.
Dear God the Father:
I am John, the Beloved Disciple of Your only begotten Son, Jesus of Nazareth. I have been following your Son for the past 3 years. I do things such as bring the crowds to Jesus and when He is done I dismiss them from Him. He called me to be a disciple when He saw me with my brother James. Since then, I have had the best 3 years of my life with your son.
One particular reason why Jesus is so overly qualified to be the Messiah is because He is so forgiving. It does not matter what you do to Him or say about Him, Jesus will always forgive you.
If you want an example of Jesus’ unending forgiveness, look...