A Short Christian Theology

Personal Theology
Philosophy of Religion
September 3, 2010

I believe in one God, who exists eternally in triune nature. That is to say, there is one God, yet He exists in three persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The three are eternal, identical in nature and attributes, equal in power and glory, and one in essence and being. I believe that God is personal, meaning that He is intimately interested in the processes of the universe, and the proceedings of humans. I believe God is perfect and infallible in every way, and will always remain to be. By this I mean that God is wholly devoid of all erring, failure, evil, depravity, or insufficiency of any kind. God is pure actuality, that is, He has no potentiality. If He had any potential that would mean He had room to improve or to decline in His perfection – that He could change. But He is, in fact, free from any susceptibility to fallibility or change. He cannot grow in His knowledge – he is omniscient. This means that He has perfect knowledge of all truths of all kinds, that is, all truths that correlate to actual reality, while also fully knowing of what could be, counter-factually. He cannot grow or decline in power – for He is all-powerful. He cannot grow or decline in His perfect wisdom; His perfect love cannot grow or lessen, His perfect justice, His perfect mercy, His perfect holiness, and so on. The point to be made is this – God is absolute, and as an absolute being is above, and indeed completely unsusceptible to any change or imperfection.
      God exists eternally as a spirit. However, about 2015 years ago, God the Son came to earth to offer a way for us to have the hope of living forever with Him in Heaven after we die. This was necessary because we, as sinful and depraved humans, have broken the rules God has placed for our lives on Earth. God has set certain standards, which must be followed. Yet because we are wicked and insufficient by nature, there is nothing we can do to earn the right to...