The Work We Need to Do

18 November 2010
The Work we need to do
              Hello my name is XXXXX. I will do a Bible study on the amazing passage of Matt 28:18-20. The theme of this passage is Jesus rising. What I want to bring up is who is the best to follow? Is it Jesus or your friend? Your friend may be cool but can he/she rise from the dead or die on a cross for your sins. No he/she did not Jesus did.
                v.18 talks about all authority being given to God. Does this mean Jesus is God? The Lexicon defines authority as power or superhuman. In the KJV they use power instead of authority. Witch all together says Jesus is superhuman. Matt 28:18 “Jesus came and spoke to them, saying ‘all authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth”
                v.19 states we need to convert others to Christianity. The Lexicon defends Christians as followers. To convert we need to be kind, generous, and forgiving. Then make them stronger in the Lord. We also need to do unto others as we would want to be treated. Once they are strong in the Lord we should send them out to teach.
                v.20 says we need to teach people all we know about Jesus Christ. Tell them what the Bible has to say. Tell them that Jesus died a painful death on the cross for our sins. Tell that Jesus is with us always. Craig S. Keener “nations transliterates in to “Genitals” or “Pagans.”
                All together don’t follow your friends, follow Jesus Christ. I also went over how Jesus Christ is God. Do unto others as you want to be treated. Send out christens through the world. Jesus Christ died a painful death for us. Nations are “Gentiles” or “pagans”