The Welfare of Children Today

For this essay, I will be looking at the factors that are contributing to the child’s well-being and the outcome of their future as well as a case study base on Jacob, a 7-year boy.   I will also be taking into account the child’s right, welfare and their position in UK society today.
In Jacobs case, his life chances and opportunities are excellent due to the social circumstances of his family.   The likelihood of children succeeding in their life is still largely determined by their family's income and social position.   Jacob is an only child, who lives in a very affluent area in North London with his father, mother and living in au-pair.
They are originally from Eastern Europe, Jewish descendants, very Liberal Jews, and their religious Identity and culture plays an important part in their family life.   It might prove to be a problem when it comes to Jacob on account of socialising outside of school, and he may not be able to interact with other children from other cultures or background out of school.
Jacob attends a private school as a day student, which includes wrap around sessions (breakfast club and afternoon club). The long hours at school might have a significant impact on Jacob’s wellbeing, given the fact that he might have no interaction with is family, he might be constantly tired, and feel detached from his parents. The other disadvantage to him having the long hours at school might result in him developing an attention deficit and fatigue, and there is also a possibility of suffering from a condition known as attention deficit syndrome.
He might always be mentally exhausted to concentrate on his class work or even on his extracurricular activities. In the long run, it could start to have an impact on his school work. Outside of school, Jacob has extracurricular activities, he is learning to play the violin, is part of a maths club, chess club and attends religious school on Saturdays. Although the extra activities could provide him with great...