Effective Communication

Identifying the way people learn and their personalities is very important in order to establish effective communication. In this assignment I will reckon techniques that can be use to achieve my goal of communicating most effectively, with people who have different learning styles and personality traits.   An intrapersonal learner, a verbal-linguistic learner and an organizer are the three different learning styles that I will discuss today.   Let’s begin by describing the traits of each learning style and personality.

      Intrapersonal learners are well connected to who they are and how they feel. They are very good at looking inward and figuring out their feelings. They strive for achievement, learning, and personal satisfaction. They can be independent and they work hard to achieve perfection.   The way I will help communication with this kind of learner is by encouraging them to set goals for themselves.   Revise all material to be discussed. Thinking through all new material will also be helpful.

      People with verbal-linguistic intelligence find it easy to read, pick up new vocabulary, understand more complex language, and express themselves in speaking and writing. They would enjoy reading and conversation; they enjoy using humor to learn and to also teach others. These are very convincing individuals, who are able to educate themselves throughout their lives.   They possess the ability to make ideas clearer for other people, through their writing and verbal explanations.

Individuals with this intelligence can improve their skills by reading a variety of books, by writing for different purposes, and by learning to speak publicly.

      People with an organizer personality tend to be very responsible, reliable, neat, loyal and efficient.   They are detail oriented and like to follow-through on their assignments.   The best way to interact with people who demonstrate this personality is by using planners to schedule dates and tasks.   Having task...