The Sucess of an African American in Not Such a Good Time

Fredrick Douglas Perkins is a pioneering African American businessman, who’s recognized by many as a scholar and gentleman. His success came in not such a good time for African Americans. He was a student who earned his education at a predominantly white university on an athletic scholarship. He’s been a major contributor in many lives and has been recognized by mayors,senators   and even a president.

      A native of Cleveland Ohio born in the 1930’s Fredrick D Perkins was a part of an African American cultural. Soon he   became a very special athlete and chose basketball as a provider   to attain his higher learning. He studied in the 1950’s at Ohio Northern University   where he earned his degree in engineering .

      He went on to become successful construction vice president for Face construction ,where he learned the intricacies of construction management from one of his mentors Mr.C.Wright , who was the owner of C.Wright construction .Later he started his own company and worked on jobs such as the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame,Gund arena, the Browns Stadium and countless others. He's built bridges, highway’s and even worked at NASA.

      During the 90’s Fredrick D Perkins was   recognized by President Bill Clinton for having one of five most prosperous black companies   in   the country. He’s been recognized by the City of Cleveland for outstanding work and was a innovator in hiring a predominantly black work force. His greatest role model in his life was his dad , who was born in Lumpkin , Georgia . Fred Perkins parents where hard workers , so being the first person to attend or graduate in his immediate family from a place of higher learning made him extremely proud that all of his parents sacrifices where not in vain .Fredrick Douglas Perkins is the proud son of Charles and Betsy Perkins and is still moving   forward.