African American's in the Workplace

This essay will inform readers about the horrific obstacles that African Americans face in the workplace on day to day bases. Moreover, it discusses how the United States made attempts to remedy their injustices.

African Americans in the Workplace and Obstacles They Face
Is race discrimination still at large? This is a topic that is widely debated because most people already have a specific and set opinion about the topic. According to Tillman, “Either people think discrimination is an important force in U.S. society or they don’t (2001). Usually, people believe in one of two situations. The first situation is that you see the world in conditions of the weak being victimized by the strong. The world has many inequalities, which are caused by the predation of the strong. The second situation is seeing the world in terms of nonperformers and performers. The nonperformers are those who keep the talented and enthusiastic from reaping rewards. As people choose one side they push away facts that do not coincide with their opinion. Studied exhaustedly, race discrimination in the work place does still exist. This essay will inform the reader of race discrimination against African Americans in the workplace.
One of the major obstacles African Americans face as a whole is dispelling myths of having a bad work ethic. This subject is an extremely sticky one because it insults various races. This important matter has been in existence for a great deal of time and by the looks of it, may not go away. For example, many people, mostly conservatives, feel that African Americans are too lazy to work or look for work. According to Tillman, conservatives feel black’s suffer from a culture of poverty, which happens to be a mixture of the effects of long term poverty and slavery (2001). As a result, the culture of poverty theory asserts that blacks feel there is no cause for advancement. Moreover, this theory suggested that blacks feel powerless, destined to such an...