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African Americans Migration Experience
Jimmy Harton
Axia College of University Phoenix

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    African Americans migrated to the United States between 1500s-1800s but not of their own free will. They were brought here through the means of slavery. The South is the origin where slavery begins. Slavery stripped African Americans of all their rights and privileges. Slaves could not marry each other, legally buy or sell anything, and they were not allowed to own property these are just some of the harsh treatment slaves endured. Slavery was finally abolished in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation. However, it officially ended in 1865 when it became a law. The Thirteenth Amendment was introduced to abolish slavery forever.

    African Americans are finally free citizen but were still not being treated as equals. They were treated as second class citizens by whites who believe they are the superior over blacks. Blacks were not allowed to vote in any elections. This injustice causes another amendment to be added to the Constitution. The Fifteenth Amendment ensures that individuals could not be barred from voting based on race or any other factor. Now that blacks are able to vote, they have elected some blacks into political offices.  
    African Americans are still faced more adversity and injustice. According to Schaefer (2006) during the 19th century the term Jim Crow was very popular in the south. Jim Crow laws were meant to keep blacks in their subordinate position. Blacks were not allowed to attend the same public schools as their white counter partners. This practice is called institutional discrimination denying blacks the same equal opportunities as whites. This incident created a famous land mark decision within the supreme courts Brown v. Board of...