The Spainsh Flu

Wyndi Wallace
History 1302
Dennis Spillman

The Great Influenza in 1918

One of the most horrific spread of influenza in history was during World War I 1918. At the time, science wasn’t advanced enough to study the virus, must less find a cure. Medical personnel were helpless when it came to fighting the disease, which resulted in over 100 million people’s death. I believe it is extremely important that our society should be educated on world changing events like this so when history repeats it’s self we will be knowledgeable on how to handle the situation.
Every year the flu virus hits the communities during flu season. In 1918, the virus became something much more violent than just the common flu. The new deadlier flu seem to target the young and healthy, people ranging from the ages of 20 to 35 years old. The flu started spreading very quickly around the world. It infected hundreds of millions of people and killing up to three percent of the world’s population.
“ No one knows where the flu all started from, but the first recorded case occurred in Fort Riley on March 11, 1918. Private Albert Gitchell came down with symptoms which appeared to be a cold. Within an hour, several additional soldiers had come down with the same symptoms and were isolated. Despite the attempt to stop the virus, the contagious flu spread through Fort Riley, after a few weeks 1,127 soldiers had been stricken with the flu and 46 of them had died.   ”
Soon the same flu was reported in camps all around the United States. Since the soldiers were being transported, the American troops brought the new flu with them to Europe. It traveled across Europe, infecting people in almost every country.   Spain was the only country that did not have to censor their health reports, so when the flu hit this country the Spanish government publicly announced the epidemic. Since most people first heard about the flu attack from Spain, the new flu was nicknamed “Spanish Flu.”
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