Coparison of to Spainsh Cultures

Cultural Similarities and Differences: Mexico and Venezuela
Cultural similarities and differences of Mexico and Venezuela are at times difficult to measure and sometime to observe if not immersed within the two cultures. Each country is proud of their cultural heritage and are, to their people obviously unique. Mexico and Venezuela are Spanish speaking countries with each possessing their own dialect and inflection on the language. This is the same with many of the customs found in each of these countries. We will examine four areas; Visual Arts, Dance, Music, and Theater to illustrate the many similarities and differences within each of these cultures.
Visual Arts
Visual Arts in Mexico and Venezuela are very important in both countries because it focuses and emphasize their culture, their geographical profile and history. Through its paintings and galleries it can be express on how important their country is to them. For example muralists, Diego Rivera from Mexico has been identifying as the best painter for its 1933 mural titled “Man at the Crossroads.” Another famous artist in Mexico who is known for her paintings that reflect realism, symbol, and indigenous culture of Mexico is Frida Kahlo; she expresses her physical connection to her country through her paintings. In Venezuela Rosalba Gudiño, is known as a fused glassed artist. Milan Kriz whom became a citizen of Venezuela in 1983 and lives in Caracas Venezuela became a popular artist. His art pieces focus on a wide spectrum of classical and modern raw materials and techniques. Some sculptures are made from the following materials: wood, marble, coral, bronze, and even epoxy resin and bronze-ready positive originals in clay. The majority of his paintings are made of oil on canvas and oil on formic. Visual arts are very traditional in both countries because the traditions of their countries that they are proud off and express it through their arts and sculptures.

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