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December 9, 2010

The African Influence in Ancient Asia
Dissatisfaction with the constant history lessons that have been taught to me over the years, time and time again, containing false information, lead me to believe that my history and the history of my ancestors began with slavery in the Americas and the Caribbean.   This caused me to conduct my own research.   Though out the course of my studies I have learned that not only have "black" people made tremendous contributions to the founding and building of America but I have also learned about the mighty empires that existed in Africa preceding the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.   In addition I have learned about the contributions of "Black" people in other countries all over the world with special attention given to the countries located on the continent of Asia.
The account of the African presence in early Asia is a fascinating one.   Little is know about the African origins of Ancient Asian cultures.   What we do know however is that modern humanity had its origins in Africa.   Scientific studies of DNA confirm this fact.   Therefore African people are the original people of the world.   All modern humans can ultimately trace their ancestral roots back to Africa.   It may seem like an arrogant or exaggerated opinion but it is a safe presumption to say were it not for the early migration of archaic African people, humanity would not exist outside of the continent of "The Mother Land" and all of the world's inhabitants would still have "Africoid" features.

      Not only does research show Africans were the first inhabitants of Asia, There is significant evidence to suggest that "Blackā€ people also played a pivotal role in creating, nurturing and influenced some of Asia's most important and long lasting classical civilizations.
      There are few scholars who will disagree with the notion that the earliest ancestors of the human species evolved in Africa.   There is on...