Soviet Invasion of Afghan

Why Did The Soviet Union Invade Afghanistan In 1979?
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Why Did the Soviet Union Invade Afghanistan in 1979?

The Afghanistan cold war leading up to a decade invasion of the country by the Soviet Union is a quite a debatable event. This paper will seek to provide answers to many unanswered question such as the rationale used in recommending the Soviet Union’s military involvement in Afghanistan’s internal political wrangles,  the presumed benefits as a result of this invasion, as well as the fact that other alternatives than military action were not given enough consideration.  Afghanistan was more peaceful under its leadership style of a King as the head of state supported by the Prime Minister, but things started going sour during the reign of King Mohammed Zahir Shah and his cousin Prime Minister Mohammad Daoud Khan (Daryl, 2010). There was a misunderstanding between those directly in power and those indirectly in power. 
The political party in power at that time which was based on Marxism ideologies, People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan’s (PDPA), was faced with internal bickering among its leaders. This eventually lead to a division in the party into two rivaling factions, with one faction calling itself Khalq under the leadership of Nur Muhammad Taraki and Hafizullah Amin while the second faction was lead by Babrak Karmal and Najibulallah and referred to itself as Flag which in Islamic is Parcham. The actions of the Soviet Union were thought, by the initiators, to be supported by the people, especially the supporters of People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan’s. However, it turned out the opposite was true, in that the people were not happy as evidenced throughout the various demonstrations that were held in the country, especially in Kabul, the capital.
The demonstrations continued for quite some time until the authorities, President Dauod’s government, felt threatened and...