The Similarities Between Waknuk's Society and Modern Society

Waknuk is a town in a fictional book called the Chrysalids. The book is based on planet earth after a horrible nuclear bombing. Waknuk’s society is very similar to our modern society. We treat and judge people who look different. Religion plays a big part in both of our societies. And also, we both have people who are always disagreeing or fighting. Although there are similarities there are also big differences.
We treat and judge people who look different. We make fun and laugh at people who don't look "normal" to us, in Waknuk they send people who have mutations to a place called the fringes, which is a place where it’s hard to live in. In modern society they laugh at people with braces and call them train tracks or brace face, or people with glasses four eyes. In these societies we also physically treat people differently. The people of Waknuk preform what’s called a purification ceremony; were they find an animal or plant that is not normal and kill it then burn it so it ends up being pure. But our civilization the bully’s in school or at any work place pick and beat up the people who to them are nerds because they look dorky and nerdy. Both of these societies are very judgemental and rude
Religion is also a very big part of Waknuk’s societies and certain people in modern society. Going to church is very important when people are very religious. Each Sunday people of modern society and the community of Waknuk attend church every Sunday to pray and ask for forgiveness or the sins they have committed. Also the two societies have little reminders in their home to remind them of their religion. In today's society we have people who put up crosses and pictures of Jesus in the homes. People of Waknuk like David’s dad have phrases from the bible written in their home to remind them not to sin or to beware of the mutants. And this just proves that they both take religion seriously.
Waknuk's people and today's people are always disagreeing or fighting about...