Was Modernization Theory Anti Marxist

According to the history of development theory, there are a wide variety of development paradigms that was emerged to assist all societies to develop economic, political, and social including cultural sectors. In order to eradicate the problem of poverty from all societies, especially third world nations; one of the most significant development paradigms that would effectively guide to overcome the problems is modernisation theory.
Modernisation theory was formulated as a tool of capitalism. It is generally based on the change of society from backwardness to modernity. It is also identify the development process from less developed societies to become developed by implement the same development pattern from advanced industrialized countries. Moreover, modernisation theory in which is well known, particularly the Rostow theory of stages - of – growth.   The Rostow’s model, contradicts Marxist theory, due to the nature philosophical differences between capitalism and communism. However, both paradigms have some aspects in common. Thus, it cannot be deemed that modernisation theory completely against Marxist.
This essay will examine the relationship between modernisation theory through the stages-of-growth and Marxist theory. To structure the statement it will be divided into four parts. The first part will provide the background and logic of modernisation theory, followed by the development theorist’s perspectives on the theory of Modernisation. The second part, it will demonstrate the stages - of - growth presented by Rostow including with the criticisms. In the third part, it will elaborate the overview of Marxian theory and logic of Marxism that related to the growth stages. Finally, it will examine the point that modernisation theory by Rostow anti - Marxist, followed by comparison between the similarities and the differences of two paradigms as well as analyses whether the theory of modernisation anti – Marxist or not.

Modernisation theory
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