It Is Impossible to Find True Happiness in a Modern Society - Speech

It is impossible to find true happiness in a modern society.

If we travelled back to our grandparent’s time we would see how happy everyone is with the smallest house, with the least clothes and the least food. Because they realized the value of life! They knew that life not about big houses or nice shoes. They knew that there are bigger things in life but now it’s a catastrophe if you don’t have the newest dress, according to the newest trend! In those days people knew that happiness is in relationships, in family but now people think that happiness resides in the clothes or shoes in the shopping malls. As well as this the constant evolving of the newest technology is makes kids evolve away from their parents. Then there are the constant demands of the society to be perfect. Perfect in looks perfect in everything you do, in things that don’t matter. Today’s modern society is blind to the true happiness of life!  
In today’s society there seems to be no difference between need and want. Specially in our generation and I know this first hand as sometimes I say I “need” something that is totally unnecessary. We think newest clothes for the new season are the things we need; and it’s not the girls that do this I mean guys do you really need 50 basketball caps? These things are not life’s necessities. Our modern society is so confused over the meaning of what life is. The modern society thinks happiness lies on the countless clothe racks. Year in year out we spend our hard earned cash on stupid things we don’t need. And those who don’t have enough money end up being under a pile of debt. This eventually starts giving you tension that is uncalled for. You already have more important things to worry about like your ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend. That is the thing that brings you down and makes you unhappy. You don’t need to worry about these things if you didn’t pay attention to things you don’t need.
How much time do you spend on the internet week searching up...