The Role of a Manager in a Workplace

“Running head:” MANAGERS ROLE                                                                             1                                                                  

The Role of a Manager in the workplace

BUS 201


“Running head: MANAGERS ROLE                                                                       2

The role of a manager plays a very important part in any organization. Every company or organization has a manager who is responsible to control and administer the employees. If a company does not have a manager it would cause a lot of chaos and headaches for everyone. Managers have a lot of responsibilities in an organization. They must possess the knowledge to manage their employees, and at the same time know how to manage the company he is working for. The definition of a management is described as the planning, organizing, leading, and controlling of human and other resources to achieve organizational goals efficiently and effectively. (Jones, 2011 p491)
When a manager is hired; his position is to be a leader of the company. The manager has the vital role of representing the company. A manager’s role is to be able to lead, and motivate his employees to be the best that they can be. A manager should possess the attribute of being a leader that goes above and beyond to make his company successful. When a manager is hired in an organization they are able to bring their experience and skills to the workplace. The manager is able to use this experience and skills when different issues or situations arise.
In order for a manager to be effective and successful in the workplace he must possess the four important qualities of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling—the four principal managerial tasks—to any particular manager depends on the manager’s position in the managerial hierarchy. (Jones, 2011p19)

“Running head: “MANAGERS ROLE                                                                   3