The Renissance Period

Marissa Norman
Period 4
February 12, 2010
The Renaissance Period
The Renaissance Period began in Europe from 1485 to 1625 during that time it spread to England, France, Germany, Spain and several other countries. The term Renaissance literally means rebirth or reconstruction of civilization. It was considered a great cultural movement; a period of revival, renewal and growth (Renaissance period).
During the Renaissance there were many different kings and queens including,
Henry the 7th, Henry the 8th, King Edward, Bloody Mary, Queen Elizabeth and King James the First.
Queen Elizabeth was the daughter of King Henry viii and Anne Boleyn, his second wife. She was born on September 7, 1533 at Greenwich Palace in London England.   As a child Elizabeth was well educated as she was taught by all the famous scholars such as, William Grindal and Roger Asham. From an early age it was clear she was very gifted she loved to learn new languages and by the time she was an adult she could speak five different languages fluently (Heather Thomas, 1998). After many years of being looked down upon and forgotten Elizabeth finally became the Queen of England on Sunday January 15, 1559 at the age of 25 years old. During the time period of which she had the throne Elizabeth introduced new types of architecture such as the first theatre where she had Shakespeare's plays played at. She greatly encouraged dancing, poetry, bouquets and most of all drama. She had also put an end to religious turmoil that had existed during Mary I's reign and published an Elizabethan Prayer Book that both Protestants and Catholics could accept. Queen Elizabeth was very dedicated to her county and making major improvements to it.   Unfortunately she died March 24, 1603(Elizabeth 1).
There were many political changes during the Renaissance period for example, the old Feudal system of the middle ages turned into a more felixable and liberal class system. This was more...