Restoration Period

Restoration period
If I traveled back in time I would want to meet the famous inventors of the 18th century Restoration period and witness major events in this time.   Inventors like James Watt and Robert Boyle were major contributors of modernization.
To meet Robert Boyle would be interesting because he did so much to improve the way of life for people.   Boyle was a chemist, physicist,   and a philosopher. He developed designs like the steam engine and created modern chemistry.   He discovered facts such as that sound does not travel in a vacuum. He also showed that flames needed air to burn.   If I lived in this time period I would love to try to design new inventions.   I like to learn about early development inventions that’s why I would like to meet these inventors.
Witnessing the death of your own king would be hard to imagine.   I would want to go back in time to see the beheading of Charles I because it’s a significant part in England’s history.   The death of their king changes the way of the government completely.
Another event I would like to go back in time and see would be the fire in London that burnt down the whole city.   The whole fire started because of a bakery in the middle of town.   Most houses back then were made of wood, this made them dangerously flammable.   Being in that situation   I would be rushing with adrenaline. I like this because I could help design and rebuild the city and just be involved.
These people and events have contributed to   the success of the Restoration period. If these events didn’t happen England could be completely different.