Montessori Sensitive Periods

Assignment 1                                             Gabriela Payne

Define the term sensitive periods, and explain how the

teacher’s knowledge and understanding of these

periods determines his/her preparation and

custodianship of the prepared environment.

In this essay I intend to define term sensitive periods and

give details and examples of 6 main periods. I also intend

to explain why it is important to support these periods

during   child’s 1st   stage   of development, outline

consequences of not supporting child’s sensitivities, I

will give details of how the teacher ensures that each

individual period is supported through the prepared


Assignment 1                                             Gabriela Payne

• Define the term sensitive periods and give full details

of the six main periods, together with examples to

show your understanding.

Many people before Maria Montessori noted   that young

children go through different periods of development. It

took   21 years of observation and collecting information

till Maria Montessori   was ready to compile her theory

on Sensitive Periods.

“Sensitive Periods are a specific, limited time when the

child shows a strong attraction to a particular activity.

The activity child is drawn to aid the child in her

physical, mental and emotional development.”

Assignment 1                                             Gabriela Payne

The child is drawn to particular activity only for a certain

length of time, when the skill has been acquired this

attraction disappears.

Sensitive Periods can be long, short, some overlap or run


When a child is gaining new skill or knowledge during a

Sensitive Period, he does so with great ease and

with deep concentration.

Maria Montessori said...