The Regency Grand Hotel

Theoretical Frame work used to identify the issues Fishbone Diagram
1. Cultural Issues
• Change in Management Style
• Power Distance
• Individualism vs Collectivisim
Social Issues
• Lack of local knowledge
• Lack of Relationship
• Supervisor and Employees
Empowerment Issues
• Lack of proper job description
• Lack of responsibility of employees
• Absence of evaluations on employee performance
• High Turnover and Absenteeism
Leadership Issues
• Lack of Organizational Structure
• Policies and Procedures
• Leader not task oriented
• Sudden bureaucracy reduce
• Misunderstanding Major and Minor issues

2. Problem Statement
The new management style of imposing too much empowerment gives freedom in decision making. Employees had difficulties in distinguishing between major and minor issues. The new management style reduced bureaucracy by giving more authority to employees in decision making. Employees were allowed to upgrade the guests to another room instead of waiting for their superiors’ approval.

3a SWOT analysis used
• The hotel is one of Bangkok’s most prestigious hotels.
• The hotel provides good welfare benefits, above-market rate salary, and job security.
• Employees was feel the proud being the employees of this hotel.
• Unclear power hierarchy.
• Communication and culture.
• Supervisor is not support the employees
• Hotel can expand after selling.
• Empowerment increases employee motivation, performance and job satisfaction.
• Supervisor were leaving the job.
• Absenteeism and employees turnover were increasing.
• Employees were unable to distinguish between major and minor problem.
• Becker was frustrate due to customer complaints.
• Customer were not satisfy.

3b. Cross cultural conflict poses the biggest challenge for international business in any country.
Option 1:
• Overall Strategy by implementing Empowerment
• Vision, Direction, Policies and Time Frame
• Develop...