Rosabella and Grand Hotel Concept Check Assignment

After reviewing the menu for Rosabella Restaurant, I noticed that the menu had cheese raviolis priced very high at a cost of 3.64 compared with the seafood ravioli which was priced at only 3.35 this is unusual because typically seafood is more expensive than cheese.   Additionally on the menu grilled salmon is priced extremely cheap at 1.10.   The Rosabella Restaurant is in the southwestern part of the country so the grilled salmon is priced way too cheap for this part of the country.   If the restaurant has a good fish quality the grilled salmon would be a profitable item on the menu.
After analyzing the report the highest contribution margin item is grilled salmon which cost 11.89.   The second highest is the Chicken Marsala which cost 11.04.   Cheese Ravioli is the item with the lowest contribution margin which cost 4.35.   The Fettuccine Alfredo is the second lowest which cost 5.14.
To improve the sales mix of the restaurant the manager should have a grilled salmon special because the grilled salmon is very profitable.   In addition adding to the menu an entrĂ©e such as a grilled salmon salad will help to fully use the margin of profit for the item.   One of the top selling items is the cheese ravioli yet it is priced very high.   I would suggest decreasing the price of the cheese ravioli this would create a higher profit per item and increase profits.   The last suggestion I would make would be to raise the lasagna price.   The lasagna was the most selling item so a price increase would increase revenue.   The vegetarian lasagna on the menu is a dollar cheaper than the meat lasagna typically vegetarian meals are cheaper so raising the price of the lasagna can be warranted.
After analyzing the payroll report for the Canyon Hotel it clearly displays a major difference in budget amounts in every department because of overtime.   The food and beverage department was over the budget by 280 hours.   The budget cost for the general category was $0.78 with a grand total of...