Adrian Baeza
Mr. Kelly-1st period
English 4
11 January 2012

The rush of blood flowing through peoples veins at high speed, the loud roaring of powerful engines that makes ear drums vibrate like an earthquake, the screaming of the crazy fans beside one another in the stands with barely any room to maneuver, strong winds from cars passing two-hundred miles an hour from a few feet from where fans are standing that can literally blow hats off. The life threatening decisions that are made behind the wheel. The sport that is one of the top deadliest in the U.S. since 1936 was the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR). Named was suggested by ”Red Vogt” and was officially approved in 1947.
Nascar started to get recognized in 1936. The big successful dreamer “William Henry Getty France” brought his young family,and big dreams from his hometown Washington D.C. to Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1934 where France would fulfill his dreams of auto racing. Where the hot sandy beach collided with the cool water of the Atlantic Ocean, is now known as “The birthplace of speed.”   Many were the life changing men who would step foot on, and to test their incredible creations to there limits. Including men like” Henry Ford the creator of the ford company” also “Louis Chevrolet creator of the Chevrolet company.”   Men like those two, and many more from around the world stayed in the Grand Hotel Ormond on the Halifax river to compete at Daytona Beach. Nascar was no easy straight away with a single car racing the clock. It included door to door, bumper to bumper racing with multiple vehicles traveling at great speed which increases through out the years as new technology is revealed; which brought more entertainment to the fans. As more and more fans gathered around for the entertainment; William France was gathering bigger dreams to add to NASCAR. In the 1950’s one of the many dreams France   sought out’...