The Reason Dryer Suddenly Does Not Work During the Rotation

Dryer market situation and market demand inseparable, domestic dryer market competition, many enterprises are facing a grim situation of layoffs and other cuts. Market demand led the development of the dryer industry. Song Ling Mine strong design and development, manufacturing, installation, technical maintenance, unscheduled visits, strict quality assurance and quick after-sales services, each stage will have made ​​careful arrangements to solve the customer a series of worries. So the customer needs is our Bangke efforts.
Today technician received a customer's question, when the dryer is not working suddenly turned, how to deal with? Here, Dryer professional and technical personnel for everyone to talk about the fault lie?
Based on past experience Song Ling mine production dryer, the dryer if it is part of the drive, is generally a bad motor or motor speed control board, if the machine does not turn that power line problems, ask an electrician to check the following. Check the dryer equipment belt motor is burned out or not, or switch contact is good, the fuse has blown, etc., or a foreign body in the dryer is stuck identify foreign objects clear enough. Dryer equipment is not operating properly is the most frequently occurring faults. Have a concrete analysis of specific issues, our professional technicians will give you detailed instructions. Bangke dryer technology has less energy consumption, less environmental pollution, high drying quality, wide range of advantages, its excellent energy-saving effect has been demonstrated in various test institute abroad.
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