How Does Poultry Manure Dryer Dry Chicken Manure?

To be frank,the roasting machine, that is chicken manure dryer machine, is applicable in animal farming, food brewing, sugar and pharmaceutical industries dealing with high humidity waste, as well as a variety of chemical raw materials, such as wine slot, furnace slag, chicken manure, fructose slag, slag vinegar sauce, sugar beet residue, animals slaughtered contents, coal slime, betonies, etc. chicken manure dryer machine is for resource development and good environmental protection equipment. But do you know How does Poultry Manure Dryer Dry Chicken Manure?

Working principle of Chicken Manure Dryer machine is as follows:

The complete set of the drying equipment mainly is composed of the crushing drum dryer, feed spiral, output spiral, pipeline,burning furnace, dust collector, airlock, air induced fan, electric control cabinet and other components. Humidity materials are conveyed from the feed screw directly into the dryer drum, raised by the drum wall panels repeatedly, and scattered by the crushing blow dispersion devices. Materials and the negative high-temp media are combined sufficiently to complete heat and mass transfer process. As the result of the drum wind angle and the induced air, the feed materials move slowly, and discharged from the spiral after drying, the exhaust gas handled by the dust precipitator, venting to the atmosphere.

What's more, Fote chicken manure dryer machine has high mechanical degree, high production capacity and ability to run continuously. Fote chicken manure dryer machine has Excellent and simple structure, stable resistant when materials go through the cylinder and convenient operation. Fote chicken manure dryer machine has Low failure rate, low maintenance cost and energy consumption.

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