I Prefer to Work at Home

People’s opinions are divergent on such a controversial issue working at home using computers and telephones or working at office. The over whelming majority would support that working in the office is better than working at home using computers and telephones, however, from my own perspective, I prefer to work at home.
The main reason for my preference to work at home is that working at home could save lots of time for the procedure of transportation, what’s more, with more and more competition of society, computers and telephones provide conveniences which mean employees are allowed to keep in touch with their leaders and colleagues at any time and any place. To more specific, the high-tech devices are able to deal dozens of tasks and exchange information.
Another essential factor why I advocate working at home is that employees would not be restricted by the regulations of company and could arrange their schedule according to their demanding and propensity. Specifically, workers can coordinate their working schedule to fit the best performance period so that achieve the optimal merits of working. For example, usually I keep my best state in evening but have to work in daytime, just imagine how wonderful it will be if I can schedule my working time at night.
Ultimately, working at home also help employees to develop sense of independent, no one can deny the fact that worker has to think about the assignment independently and work out the solution by him/herself. It does not mean people work without assistances, oppositely, it creates a deliberate ambiance without interruptions.
In conclusion, working at home using computers or telephones is better than working in office. Not only because of convenience and time flexibility but also the notion of independence.