The Problem and Its Background

Computers make all modern communications possible. They operate telephones, switch systems, coordinate satellite launches and operations, help generate special effects for movies, and control the equipment in all phases of televisions and radio broadcasts. Local area networks link the computers in separate departments of businesses or universities, and larger networks allow individual computers to link through telephone lines to other computers almost anywhere in the world.
Scientists and researchers use computers in many ways such as to collect, store, manipulate and analyze data running simulations. Data presenting a real life system is entered into the computer and the computers manipulate the data in order to show how the natural system is likely to behave under a variety of conditions.
    The use of the computer technology is highly imperative especially in today‚Äôs competitive business world. Even the banking industry introduced computer services through on-line market trading. The latest trend in the world of high finance and this may power the computerized living in the 21st century.
Trading through the internet will soon bring the local and international participants to heights that they never reached before. A website for the specific purpose can be reached in cyberspace, which serves as a central broadcast and resource for financial information. The website incorporates the best aspect of international relevance and available in to the broadest array of Asia. Introduced for the future executives and businessmen, a very useful and helpful online banking and trading, would help travelers find more interesting and cheaper place to go, and businessmen would be able to do researches on their supposed places of interest. Moreover, busy stockbrokers and traders will never lose track of the latest stock price and currency rate. Through the use of the internet, people now will get the best deals on...