Ceo Pay Versus Common Employees

The proposed paper revolves around a research problem that has become one of the most important topics in management literature: pay gap between executives and average workers. The significance of this research problem is evident by the abundance of literature available on various questions arising from it. The proposed paper focuses on studying signs of due change required in the pay gap of the two working classes.
The proposed paper is to be divided in 5 main sections, including Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings & Discussions, and Conclusions & Recommendations. Each of these sections is briefly introduced below.
  1. INTRODUCTION: This first section of the paper will introduce the fundaments of the study to the reader. In considerable detail, all essential parts related to the research and the paper will be introduced.
  2. LITERATURE REVIEW: This section will provide a comprehensive review of literature accumulated on the subjects of the history of the pay gap problem, the legislative background of the problem, where the problem stands in the literature, and what scholars believe to be the future of this problem.
  3. METHODOLOGY: This section will provide explanation of the methodological grounds of the study. The methodology of the proposed paper is based on Positivism and will solely rely on secondary data. Using a deductive approach to the data and the hypothesis, the paper will statistically analyze the data collected regarding the pay gap between executives and average workers.
  4. FINDINGS & DISCUSSIONS: Results of the tests conducted on the data will be presented in this chapter with detailed discussions, using the review of literature presented in section 02 of the paper.
  5. CONCLUSIONS & RECOMMENDATIONS: Valid and clear conclusions are to be drawn from the discussions presented in the previous section of the paper. These conclusions will simply provide brief answers to the question...