The Prevention of Innocent Peoples Exocution

The Prevention of Innocent People’s Execution

According to John J. Curtin, Former President of the American Bar Association, “A system that will take a life must first give justice.”   The American justice system cannot begin to protect the innocent until the death penalty can be administered in a fair and non-discriminatory manner.   It can no longer be overlooked that a lot of the three thousand, three hundred inmates that sit on death rows across the country have not received the quality of legal representation that the severity and the finality of a death sentence demand. (ABA)   I believe the justice system is inconsistent and it is not a just justice system.   For example, DNA testing should be performed on all items obtained from a crime scene immediately to help prove the innocence or guilt of the person that is on trial, and it is not always done.   Without the results of DNA testing, how can you be certain, especially in death penalty cases, that you are condemning the correct person to death? (ABA; Protess; Innocents Database)

Hank Skinner was to be executed on March 24, 2010, for the 1993 deaths of his live-in girlfriend Twila Busby and her two adult, mentally challenged sons.   According to an affidavit from Howard Mitchel, Busby came home early from a New Year's Eve party, between eleven p.m. and eleven fifteen p.m., and it was shortly thereafter that she was bludgeoned to death, and
Howard 2

both of her sons were stabbed repeatedly and died.   Her oldest son was stabbed and murdered in his bed, and her youngest son was stabbed several times, but was able to crawl out of the home. (Case 1)

Prior to leaving the home the youngest son was able to get Skinner out of the house to try and find help even though Skinner was unconscious from a combination of Vodka and codeine that he had been taking all day long. (Case 1)   It is unfortunate that the youngest son died shortly after retrieving Skinner from their home.   In the same affidavit from 1994,...