Are People Good?

Cody DuGay
Per. 1
Are People Basically Good?
When a person does something that is “good” many people have an opinion of it.   So what is the real definition of good? Does it mean that when a person does something kind that they are looked upon as a nice person, or that they should just do kind things because it is what they're supposed to do? This then brings up the question of when can you say that a person is being “evil”?   Many examples of these questions are shown in everything from books, to TV commercials. Noticing this makes me wonder if my views about this is right or not, comparing them to others.

In the play, The Crucible, it   gives tons of quotes explaining the actions of people.   One which stood out to me the most was “HALE, with a tasty love of intellectual pursuit ”. The word hale represents the question of the evil side in people.   We are given the right of freedom of religion, this includes worshiping the Devil, Satin. Followers of him would say that they are doing the right thing and are “Good”. However other religions say that they also are following the right god and are “Good”.   How do so many religions claim they are all doing good for themselves and others when they have completely different point of views?   Does this mean that there is no good, or that people do not have a specific type of good to go by in life?

Another important example is the sermon, Sinners in the hands of and angry God.   This is a story of the Salem Witch Trials which caused many innocent people to die, due to false accusations of people being possessed by witches.   Back in those times, people had many different thoughts, such as this.   They did not have the knowledge of what we do today so of course they would over react.   But if they did not have the knowledge of what they were doing wrong, then is it really considered “Evil”?   This is the same concept of the religions. Should they be considered evil since they are different from the each other?   Just...