The Omen

The Omen
Directed by - Richard donner
Produced by - Harvey Bernhard
The Omen is a 1976 British suspense/horror film,   The story, set in Fulham, England, and tells the story of   the childhood of Damien Thorn, who was switched at birth in Rome with the supposedly stillborn child of a wealthy American diplomat (Robert Thorn)   with only the husband's knowledge, in order to keep it from affecting his wife (Katherine thorn). The boy is called Damien. But the family are unaware that Damien is the offspring of Satan and is destined to become an antichrist and will kill anyone who gets in his way.
The colour red comes up a lot in this film e.g. in the photographers room it is always red, also the Rottweiler dog eyes turn red at one point in the film. In my opinion the film makers could have used the colour red for many different reasons it could mean the sign of blood, evil. Also the colour black is in the film this could be in relation to death there is not a lot of bright colours in the film it is all kind of gloomy colours I think this is to represent what kind of film it is and to set the mood of the film to show that it is not going to be a very happy film.  
In this film the editing is really noticeable as they cut to various different scenes and locations one scene at the beginning of the film they were at the park and then the next they were at home. These locations vary between the zoo, church, there home. E.g. in the scenes where Damien pushes his mother of the staircase and she falls, laying on the floor lifeless the audience may think she is dead, but then a couple of scenes later you see her laying in the hospital. They may do this to shock the audience. Where the editing is noticeable This could show that the film was filmed a long time ago where as in the remake of the omen the editing might not be as noticeable as it was shot in more Morden times.
They also use still photos in some scenes which the photographer took. These pictures tell part...