The Mystery

The room was deafeningly silent, it hadn’t been used for what looked like an eternity but the air screamed of what once had been a thundering collision of music and laughter. The contents of the room were long forgotten, the sheets that covered what I guessed was furniture longed to be removed and the dust that had built up over the years smothered what light attempted to fill the room. In the middle of the room stood the most menacing yet proud looking structure, even covered by a dust sheet or two it was unmistakable in the magnitude of size and shape to be anything other than a grand piano.
The sheets slipped off leaving behind a cloud of choking dust. Even though I knew what was beneath them I still felt myself utter a cry of awe at what stood before me. I knew a piano of this grandeur could not have been left to die in a despair of silence out of pure boredom as this was no ordinary instrument of music; this had been created out of a love that you could clearly see in its precision to detail.
I ran my fingers over the wood, each grain jumping out to fill the groves in my finger tips, each individual, glistening ivory key responded to my touch like a body responds to a lover’s lips, each time sending a pleasurable jolt through me, the rest of the room also seemed to respond to my intrusive probing. So I began to uncover the remaining furniture in this frozen, unloved room. I hoped each piece would give me more evidence as to why this room had been deserted, like an investigator I scrutinised each and every aspect in the hope of a possible clue to my quest. I finally stood at the room’s end looking at what I had uncovered, taking it all in like a sponge absorbing a precious liquid that couldn’t have a drop left behind.
The pictures in the room depicted a love of Picasso with naked ladies erotically spreading themselves across the walls, the furniture a mix of eccentric threadbare chairs and modern garish thrown in made me realise that the items in this room...