The Three Mysterious Angels

The 4 mysterious angels-
Once upon a time   there were 4 lovely friendly angels Emma,Te Ata.Lyrics and Kalany
They lived upon the clouds of the sun and the stars of the moon Te Ata And Emma
Were playing angel cards and Lyrics and Kalany were playing angle tiggy and they
All had fun but when it got so dark and very late they all got dressed into their night
Gowns and they sang a song to say goodbye to the sun and wish to have a good
Nigh sleep and wake up fresh in the morning and the song goes a bit like this
Your my sun shine my lovely sun shine and we hope that you will always be mine.
While they got dressed the moon started to push her way up into the bright stary
Night and the stars came out to play and so the mystery angels and the stars
Played some games like midnight and star spy and silly star face the moon looked
At how much fun everyone is having and he felt so grateful that the 4 mysterious angles
Were here to party and play adventure games.When it was time for the mysteryious angles
To go to sleep the moon and stars sang them a wonderful relaxing song and it goes
A little bit like this Go to sleep go to sleep here me singing one two three go to   sleep
Go to sleep sleep so happily and so the mystery angles felt right to sleep and never
Without a sound did no one hear or see anyone moving.The next day was a special
Day for one of the mystery angles and it was Te Ata because it was the that she turned
11 of september and Kalany,Emma and Lyrics and what they had to do was make some
decorations for Te Ata and celebrate her birthday and this was just the very first thing
that Te Ata noticed and while the angles were working they were going to throw a big
birthday party for her and she would be so suprised to see how great she would feel
after 2 hours have been used on the angles they just finished in time for Te Ata party.
By the time Te Ata came in the front door she realized everything was so dark and she
Saw no one was around...