The Mystery of Allegra

Adrian met three girls who were all named Allegra. What was stranger, these three girls had something in common—they were pale and beautiful, speaking English beautifully but they couldn’t say the letter ‘ r’ . They were all born on January 21st.
      He met Allegra One in a village when he was 16,on holiday in Italy. The girl appeared in his room, at night, whose door was locked . She was in a long white nightdress, looking at Adrian with big eyes ,as blue as an Italian sky in summer . Her blond hair was as bright as sunlight round her pale face. She was 5 yeas and 3 months old with cold little hands . The owner of the villa had a daughter so Adrian assumed that Allegra was the daughter , but Allegra asked Adrian to take her to see her mother before she died. She said in Italian ,’My mother was in Bagno a Ripoli, near Florence. Adrian couldn’t understand what she meant by ‘die’ and why she spoke in the past.
Allegra Two was the daughter of the owner villa, called Claire , which was the English word for Chiara. Allegra Two got black hair and brown eyes.
After Adrian left , Allegra Two died when she was 5 years 3 months old.
The nest time Adrian stayed in a family in Italy when he was 18,he met Allege Three , whose long hair and eyes were brown . During his stay there ,Allegra appeared again, asking for the same thing.
Adrian decided to go to   Bagno a Ripoli where he found Claire’s tombstone and he understood the mystery of Allegra from a book about the English poets.
Allegra One was the daughter of the poet Lord Byron and Claire, who was born in England. Then Byron went to Italy. Byron was rich and Claire thought Allegra would have a better life with him so she sent Allege to him. Later , Allegra died from a fever when she was 5   years and 3 months old   . She was eager to see her mother until she died.
Allegra One was the ghost of Claire’s Allegra . She couldn’t rest because she wanted to be with her mother. She   knew her mother was at Bagno a Ripoli but...