The Movie Radio Essay

The film Radio, directed by Michael Tollin is set in Anderson, South Carolina, in the 1970’s. It is about an intellectually disabled black man who lives in a small town. Coach Jones helps James by giving him a job at helping the football team. Coach Jones gives him the nickname “Radio” because he loves radios. Michael Tollin uses different characters and events to give a message to the viewers. Coach Jones’s toler5ance for Radio this shows just because he’s a bit slower than the rest of them, doesn’t mean you have to ignore him. At first Johnny doesn’t accept Radio but towards the end he starts to realize that he’s not that different to the others. This shows that you should accept people for who they are not what they are.
{draw:frame} {draw:frame} Radio is an intellectually disabled Blackman who is very quiet and keeps to himself at the start of the movie. When he meets Coach Jones you see a very different side of him. He is bubbly, excited and very friendly. When Johnny tells him to go into the girl’s bathroom he blames himself and says to Coach Jones only blame Radio even thought he knew it wasn’t him. He also becomes hall monitor, reads out the canteen menu each morning and helps out with the football team and basketball team. He’s an important part of this movie because your different doesn’t mean you have no friends.
Johnny shows how not to be a good friend but in the end he is very accepting and caring of Radio. Like when he tells Radio to go into the girl’s bathroom it seemed funny at the time but in the end he suffered for it. At the end of the movie he gives Radio a jackets jacket from Johnny and the team. He is an important part of this movie because he shows how to be a good friend and respects Radio at the end of the movie.
{draw:frame} The film Radio teaches people how to be accepting and kind to others. This shows that everyone should not judge people by the way they look you should always get to know someone before you judge them. In the...