The Modern Internet Technology Is Ready to Replace Then, Why It Replaces?

The internet technology is ready to replace all sources of information. This technology is becoming better than hard books due to its convenience. Most researches on this topic indicate that the number of people who are using internet technology rather than books as main source is growing very fast which mean that it is started to replace hard materials.

The right name to select for this type of readers is E-readers. They prefer to use technology because first they think E-books are provided almost immediately within no time. They can purchase, download and start reading them within minutes, they do not have to leave their chairs. They don't have to waste their time by going to the bookstore to buy them, neither wait for them for long time to arrive in the mail.

The internet technology is convenient provides time and place advantage, any where and any time. The information can be acquired at lightening speed. Browsing, locating, working with information and presentation is possible with least effort, cost and time. The access to live information to analyze is the power of Internet. The technology provides study tools like book marks, Notes and collaboration, if more than one working on the project.
The technology provides portability and accessibility. The quantity of data we can carry a library in our pocket and access information at extraordinary speeds and present it simultaneously, ready to use is only possible with modern technology.  
The technology provides reading of the book if needed. The content can be linked across books and can be read and can work at one time with all those books together.

No light source is needed for reading. The books can be read any place with out light source. Letters can be resized and personalized for reading convenience.

The next generation users are electronic gadget freaks, like to work with electronic gadgets rather than a book or a file. The generation next embraces internet technology for most of the...