The Mangers Role

The Managers role

Report for Brian Jones

Support worker for Walsingham Wales


K307 Managing Health and Social care


Gaynor Kiibi-Irumba A3535468


This report will look at the manager’s role in general, so I am able to identify areas that need to be improved, which will enable me to become more effective in my management role.   I will give a brief outline of my job description highlighting my weaknesses and my strengths; from my identified weaknesses I will produce a list of objectives.√

The Managers role

The manager’s role can be split into seven different categories all with different responsibilities:
  1. Service user support – ensure each service user is offered the opportunity of individual support through the key working system and person centred planning, ensuring the person centred planning is delivered consistently throughout the service.   All staff within the service should be working consistently with the service users and ensuring the team is working towards shared aims and objectives.   If the team are not working consistently with the service users, it has a detrimental effect on their quality of life as it increases their challenging behaviour which then impacts on their community activities, and could also lead to sedative medication being used which in turn will affect their daily routines including eating and drinking.   Other aspects within service user support include: writing risk assessments, overseeing service users moving in or moving on and to ensure service users are supported in making their own choices, communicating their wishes and are listened to whatever their means of communication may be.√
  2. Health & Safety – to ensure staff is aware of their role in managing their own health and safety in accordance with policies and procedures and government legislation, such as health and safety at work act 1974.   Also ensuring I carry out my duties in accordance with the above and...