The Look

What’s wrong with the way I look?

You go to the mall to go shopping then later on you go home and feel great about what you bought. Ok that’s great, but that’s not we will be talking about. So your at the mall and enter one of the best fashion stores wishing to work there, so you decide to apply but you don’t get accepted and u stay wondering why? It’s all because you don’t have “the look”. Well that a disappointment. This happens to many people especially these days since looks really matter. But should it matter? What’s wrong with looking the way we look? Well Marshal Cohen has an argument about this; Cohen is a senior industry analyst with the NPD Group, a market research firm. He thinks having “the look” is fine. Saying that it doesn’t hurt anyone in anyway. His thoughts were “In today’s competitive retail environment, the methods have changed for capturing the consumer’s awareness of your brand. Being able to find a brand enhancer, or what I call a walking billboard, is critical. I disagree with Cohen’s saying because people should be treated equal meaning we should have equal opportunities, it affects others and their self-esteem, and because of discrimination.
So why do I disagree with Cohen saying that having the look is wrong? Well one of the main reasons is because people are not treated equal and we all should have equal opportunities. You go to a fashion store and first thing you see is so-called perfect models walking around working at just looking good at the store. Well why not give a chance to a girl with glasses or braces. What’s wrong with looking a bit different? No one should be treated different by the way they look. I have searched and saw the true rules for to become a clothing store associate, they are: be outgoing and have a friendly personality, be patience, cash handling experience, and having to be able to carry heavy boxes. I don’t see anything talking about how you should look. It simple isn’t fair for anyone. I once was told to...