The Crucible, Looking for Alibrandi and Edward Scissorhands.

The natural desire to belong is evident in every society, whether personally, interpersonally or socially which can often conflict with an equally natural desire to reveal ones individuality.  
Belonging brings with it a sense of self worth, identity and happiness, relying on shared values and commonalities, but can often result in strict conformity. Not belonging, therefore resulting in isolation, self-doubt and often unhappiness.

My understanding of the concept of belonging has been illuminated through the study of The Crucible, Looking for Alibrandi and Edward Scissorhands.
Through dialogue, literary techniques and film techniques these texts portray belonging on different levels all of which communicate common characteristics of both positive and negative cases of belonging as well as the choices and sacrifices individuals must make with a desire to belong.
The desire to belong within a society resulting in strict conformity is evident throughout The Crucible as the people of Salem have little choice but to adhere to the strict religious behaviour demanded by the theocratic society in order to ‘belong’ within the society and avoid the harsh punishments resulting from disobedience: “there is either obedience or the church will burn like hell”.
Proctor, being both “feared and respected” rebels against the social normalities of Salem due to his different values and commonalities speaks against the church revealing his individual opinions: “I never knew until tonight that the world is gone daft with nonsense.”
Proctors dialogue gives insight to his views, which, unusual for that time often find Proctor isolated from others:   (Hale) “Proctor, let you open with me now, for I have a rumour that troubles me. It’s said you hold no belief that there may even be witches in the world. Is that true, sir?” These unusual views, therefore leaving Proctor not belonging within Salem.

Through personal author narration an understanding of how to belong within Salem...