The Little Prince - Change and Changing Perspective

Wide reading assignment: change/changing perspective
The little prince
Nevertheless he continues with his expedition and follows the advice from the geographer and visits Earth. Instead, he meets a snake who speaks in riddles and hints darkly that its lethal poison can send the little prince back to the heavens if he so wishes. The little prince ignores the offer and continues his explorations, stopping to talk to a three-petaled flower and to climb the tallest mountain he can find, where he confuses the echo of his voice for conversation. Eventually, the little prince finds a rose garden, which surprises and depresses him, as his rose had told him that she was the only one of her kind.
The prince befriends a fox who teaches him about the importance of friendship, the prince then realises that, even though there are many roses, his love for his rose makes her unique. The prince ends his story by describing his encounters with two men, a railway switchman and a salesclerk.
The narrator takes comfort when he cannot find the prince's body the next day and is confident that the prince has returned to his asteroid.
The rose- coquettish flower who has trouble expressing her love for the little prince and consequently drives him away. At the same time vain and naive, she informs the little prince of her love for him too late to persuade him to stay home and not to travel. Throughout the story, she occupies the prince's thoughts and heart. The Prince’s love for the Rose eventually draws him back to her.
The fox-a knowledgeable creature who wishes to become friends with the prince and asks him to ‘tame ‘ him the fox also helps the Little Prince to become aware of his affection for the rose, after finding out she is just an ordinary rose.
The Snake - The first character the prince meets on Earth, who ends up sending the prince back to the heavens by biting him. The snake is so confident he has mastered life's mysteries that he tells the...