Changing Perspective

When we talk of changing your perspective, we first need to discuss what the meaning is and to understand the words.   The word change – means the act of or the process of altering or modifying a result. The word perspective – means a way of regarding situations, facts, and judging their relative of importance; a mental view or outlook.   So, what is this saying?   To change oneself on the outlook of life by altering the importance of any given situation, basically to redefine yourself, and the way you look at life.
    The key to solving a problem is the way you define it. Take for instance a current problem you have in your life that may seem difficult or is difficult solving. Ask yourself this – How can this problem be defined as a financial problem - A health problem A - technology problem – A human resources or staffing problem – A time management problem -     A personal problem – A communicational problem – Or even an educational problem.
    A key example would be this.   Let’s just say you are a guy who really wants to be in a relationship, or have a girlfriend; but you are becoming frustrated by the lack of progress in this area.   How have you been figuring out, or defining the problem?   Is the problem, or could the problem be meeting the right person?   How else could you define the problem you are having?   Maybe the real problem is in your career, your career forces you to work in a male dominating environment – the problem may be easier to resolve if you worked in a female – dominating environment.   Could it be that your hobbies keep you homebound, and alone; so in the course of your normal life, you have to go out of your way to meet people instead of naturally encountering people in the world.   Could it maybe be that your communication skills that are poor and you have turned people away before letting them get to know you?   Maybe you are putting everything else first in your life, and your avoiding the problem that requires your attention to meet...