The Link Between Ultranationalism and Genocide

The link between Ultra nationalism and Genocide
In the modern age people kill each other for various reasons, whether it be for land, resources, ethnicity etc. but more and more the world is seeing the systematic destruction of a group of people; an act of genocide. Entire group of people are wiped out because they differ slightly in idea or appearance in comparison to a radical, ultra nationalist party. Often genocide is carried out because of ultra nationalism that is present in a group of people, such as the Nazi’s during World War 2, Stalin in the Ukrainian famine, and the Hutu’s that executed the genocide in Rwanda.
The Nazi’s doctrine of anti-Semitism, and ultra-nationalism was strengthened by the fascist rule Hitler had on the people of Germany. Hitler and the Nazi’s truly “believed that the Jews were responsible for all problems throughout history and wished to “save humanity” from the Jews at any cost.” The Origins of Nazi Genocide (Trodue, Kevin) The Nazi party had complete control over the Jews and other “undesirables” within Germany, because they had files on all citizens. Hitler and the Nazi’s used their power to create policies which influenced anti-Semitic ideologies, such as the Nuremburg laws which segregated the Jews from the rest of Germany. This idea of ultra nationalism that the Nazi’s indoctrinated was their interpretation of what they thought was best for Germany; getting rid of the Jews. After the invasion of Poland they segregated the Polish Jews and moved them into ghettos, separating them from the rest of the population. Many Jews were sent to extermination camps or work camps where they slaved away in harsh conditions until they died or where instantly killed as soon as they got to the camps. There was never an order given from to start exterminating the Jews, but instead the ultra nationalistic ideologies that Nazi officers that were in charge of the camps told them that “the advantages for killing them far outweighed the prospects...