The Learning Child

B.Sc. (Hons) in Childhood Studies

Module-The Learning Child.

Module Code-FC3S005

Tutor-Mair Sinfield.

Assignment Title-Research Critique

Hard to Reach? Engaging Fathers in early Years Settings.

The aim of this essay is to critically evaluate a published research article, analysing methodologies and identifying strengths and weaknesses within the research paper. It will attempt to relate the findings to implications for practice within the working environment.
The essay consists of two sections. Section one will focus on critiquing the chosen research paper and section two will examine its application to current practice and propose recommendations for future development. The framework used to conduct this critique is A Framework for Critiquing Qualitative Research (Rees, 1997).

The research paper explores the concept of Engaging Fathers in Early Years Settings and looks at the reasons behind fathers being hard to reach. This subject area is interesting and could provide opportunities to investigate whether there is a link between the reluctance of fathers to interact in the Early Years environment and the limited academic achievement of boys in schools.

The report used for this critique is from a recent study which was published by the University of Derby in conjunction with the Preschool Learning Alliance on the 11th of May 2009. The title of this article is; ‘Hard to Reach? Engaging Fathers in Early Years Settings”. The author(s) of this report are; Andrew Saunders, Ruby Oates (University of Derby) and Tim Kahn and associates (Pre-school Learning Alliance).

This is a qualitative study, which seeks to build upon previous research, containing primary data used to explore and examine the views of fathers and early years practitioners regarding experiences of early years settings and how it manages father involvement. According to Dunsmuir and Williams (1992) the most common primary research...