Social Media Tools in E-Commerce

Social Media Tools in E-Commerce
After researching different communication techniques that will strengthen our organization’s ability to make team projects more efficient and effective, we are pleased to have accepted the task of helping to launch a new e-commerce unit.   We believe that part of our organizational sustainability will be connected to our presence online, and to that end, we have done our due diligence to ensure that our presence will be felt in the social media world at large.
It is important to note that as organizations seek to develop an engaging social media presence with an e-commerce slant, an understanding about the pros and cons of social media will be paramount.   We have found that after such an analysis, organizations will be better suited to experience social commerce by strategically implementing social media elements such as networking links and forums directly within their virtual environments.
The following will outline our plan of attack for the development of our organization’s new e-commerce unit.   Specifically, we will seek to explain how new social media tools can be used to distribute messages to consumers and clients.   Also, we will examine which social media tools should be used in certain situations and discuss any ethical issues involved.   Finally, we will outline the formal documents needed to launch the new e-commerce unit to include the executive summary, business description, operations plan, financial plan, marketing plan and competitor analysis.   We are convinced that a social media presence will strengthen our organization to go beyond where we are, and among other things, we are excited to get started.
Social Media Significance
As the new e-commerce unit in our organization, we believe that the use of social media will undoubtedly lend itself towards growing our brand and connecting with new customers.   To that end, we specifically have discovered that the use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter,...