The Impact of E-Commerce on Individual, Businesses and Society

The impact of e-commerce on individual, businesses and society

Impact of e-commerce on individual is there are many universities offer EC or e-business in major, minor and certificate programs. Besides that, it also can get benefits to increase knowledge of EC, we can get chance of getting a good job are higher because demand for both technical and managerial EC skills is growing rapidly and so are the salaries. When we have the knowledge EC the chance to become a billionaire such as founders of Google, Facebook, YouTube and so on.
In the future, EC will impact some industries more than others. This impact will change with the time such as major impacts in the past five years were felt in travel, retail, stock brokering and banking. Many believe in the future of social commerce as a major component of e-commerce. A traditional high street retailer will have to incur additional costs when setting up on online presence and the business model might not work for everyone. On the other hand, a traditional trader that incorporates online sales into their business model might find that the reduced costs and suitability of their products for this model means that it may become the main source of revenue. This also will give impact on global market when a business that previously traded in the traditional way using a retail outlet diversifies and adds an online presence they then automatically become a global business and reach out into a much bigger consumer market. Another impact having an online presence business could reach out into a global marketplace is that a company that manufactures a successful patent product could increase distribution network.
In the society impact enabling people to shop online has had a massive positive impact on consumers throughout the world. Consumer will become more empowered than before and have a greater choice of goods available to them at much lower prices than they would pay in a local store due to the fact that they can shop...