Business and Society

MGT 3110

Business and Society 2010/11

Coursework I Application of ethical theory to a case study vignette

Introduction 3
Identification of Ethical Issues and Stakeholders 3
Utilitarianism Ethic Theory 5
Postmodern Ethic Theory 5
Personal Reflection 7
Reference 8


According to the given four case studies I have select case study four to evaluate which is about Moyuka Car Company. Sam joined to MoyukaCompany one year ago as a product quality tester one of the best-selling model in this company. Sam received a report about the model’s he’s testing have a problem with the accelerating pedal. So he concern this issue as a safety issue of the customers and the company wise so he inform to his line manager who will pass Sam’s report to the senior management for further more action regarding to this matter.
Identification of Ethical Issues and Stakeholders

As Andrew Crane explains and Dirk Matten says “Stakeholder of a corporation is an individual or a group which either: is harmed by. Or benefits from, or whose rights can be violated, or have to be respected by the corporation.’’(Ref: Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten, page 58)
Below graph gives a picture of the stakeholder model:

According to this case study Sam raised a query about the problem in the acceleration on the leading brand model, which he got a good corporate from his line manager to report about the issue to the senior management whether to recall the entire model over the global or just ignore the situation as a random rare situation.
There are mainly parties associated to the ethical issue of this company which are company senior management, Sam and company customer who purchased the relevant brand having the acceleration problem. Other sub party is the line manager of the company.
Below bullet points will give an idea about stakeholders from the case study.
  * Customer: They have clear right to get a superior ride and safety for their money which...