Glass Castle

Aubhrey Davis

Shannon Minnich Young

English Composition I

October 24, 2011

The Glass Castle

      I feel as though Rex and Rosemary Walls are horrible parents and there parenting techniques are way off balance. They are horrible parents because of there selfishness, there beliefs, and there actions and the role model example set upon them for there kids. But through all there issues Laurie, Maureen, Jeannette and Brain all seem to find the silver light at the end of the tunnel.   One major lesson that could be drawn from there lifestyle is that “When we fail that how we really find out who we are”. (Jeannette Walls, Book Seminar)

Rosemary and Rex Wall’s are horrible parents. In today’s society they would be considered horrible role models for their kids. Usually as a parent you expect your kids to lean on you and come to you when they don’t know how to do something. But in Rosemary’s case it was different. Rosemary and Rex raised their kids to fend and only depend on themselves and not others. Jeannette stated that “When Jeannette was three years old; she was standing on a chair in front of the stove wearing a pink dress her grandmother brought her. At that moment, she was wearing the dress to cook hot dogs, watching them swell and bob in the boiling water. She heard her mom painting and singing and the other room and her dog watching her. So she gave him a hot dog. Jeannette then stood up and stirred the hot dogs again when she felt a blaze of heat up her right side. She turned to only realize her dress was on fire” (Walls 9). I use this example specifically because at this time Jeannette was only three years old. Between the ages of one and five you don’t know a lot so you depend on others for help. At three you are just beginning to understand the world you are put in. At that stage in your life you’re learning the basics of life. But the basics of life don’t include cooking. In this particular situation I feel as though she chose her painting...