The First Years of Life

Child Psychology     Level 4            

Assignment One:                       THE FIRST YEARS OF LIFE
Question 1.
In your own words, detail the ‘for’ and ‘against’ arguments with regard to innate and learned behaviour.   Feel free to include your own opinion, but be sure to justify it.   Try to include an equal amount of information for both sides.   Use at least 500 words for your answer.

Nature or nurture, what is inborn and what do we learn.
As a short introduction, nativists believe that some aspects of behaviour are innate, we are born with them.   On the other hand empiricists believe that these behaviours are learned through a child’s environment and influenced by their experiences
Nature - Genes we inherit from our parents determine the colour of our hair, our eye colour, height and other physical traits.   It is still unknown whether personality, likes and dislikes, intelligence are genetically influenced or not.   However, behavioural genes have been proven to exist in some capacity when studies into fraternal twins who have been reared apart, show similarities in their behaviour as if they had been reared together.   I can remember a television programme some years ago where a woman who had been searching for her long lost sister (they had been put up for adoption shortly after birth) actually traced her to the other side of the world and they were both reunited on the programme itself.   Although they had been apart for many years, they looked remarkably similar with the style of clothes they wore, their hairstyles and also their mannerisms and gestures.   Of course their accents were different due to one being reared in England and the other in Australia.
With my work in school I have a lot of interaction and conversations with parents thus observing mannerisms from both parent and child that are the same or very similar.   This could be hand gestures, phrases or certain words, the way they stand and so on.   I can also see where one child in...