Unit 4 Life Factors

Sophie Cartwright

Unit 4 P2 – Life Factors

As people go through life, there are many different factors that affect their development physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. All of these factors can be split into five groups, these are: environmental, socio-economic, genetic, lifestyle, and biological. A life factor is the way a person lives his or her life that would affect their quality of life. As I have been studying George Clooney, he could have possibly been affected by any of these life factors.
Socioeconomic – Low income
A socioeconomic life factor would be something relating to either social or economic factors within a person’s like. The one I am studying is low income.
Low income is when the wages or benefits that a person or family gets is not enough to cover the essential needs of the family such as getting food, water and warmth. Many things can cause low income and there are many people who have a low income, such as having a job that pays little and not being able to get a new one, single parents with children under the age of 18 tend to have less money because what they get is spent on the children, people who have immigrated and find it hard to work also tend to have low income as they will just work for whatever they can find, people with illnesses or disabilities who physically can’t work and therefore get small benefits also tend to have a lower income that others because they are only getting what the government is giving them. All of these are reasons why people have low income, the majority of these people can’t change the fact they have low income and this would affect their development in many different ways.
Having a low income can go on to cause many other things. Low income essentially means a lower standard of life; this is because these people do not have the money to have a high standard of life. Even though, health care on the NHS is free people with low income usually have poorer health, this...